Auto Download VPS-Meshes when localizing

Hi y’all!

How do I auto-download and auto-add the VPS meshes when a location is successfully localized via VPS?

Right now I am only aware that I can either manually download a mesh and add the location or simply use the get coverage manager to retrieve all locations, however this one does not download the corresponding meshes.

Thanks a bunch

Hi Tobias,

You’re referring to the scanned meshes of the locations themselves right? And are you using Location AR for remote content authoring?

Hi Jesus, yes I want the player to retrieve close-by VPS locations with the coverage manager, then when localizing it should automatically download any Mesh corresponding to that position and let them place something upon it.

As of right now I am aware that you can manually download meshes and place something onto them and include them in build and you can localize nearby VPS which do not however automatically download and include the mesh.

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your patience.

At the moment the only way to include the mesh of a location is manually through Location AR.