What is the use of downloaded meshes?

I notice we can download our scanned mesh.

Like title, what is the use of downloading the mesh? what can I do with it in a development standpoint?

Hi Peng, when working with meshes it can be time consuming to deploy to a device every time so we offer a system to save meshes. Read more on saving mesh files here. I hope this helps

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Im pretty sure he means the downloaded mesh from a VPS scan. In the closed beta of VPS we could use the scanniverse meshes to line up things relative to there real world positions. But the meshes we get from Wayfarer im not sure have the same origin point that the VPS scan uses on load as it seems the origin of the mesh is just center.
I havent had time to work with VPS since public beta launch so I still need to confirm this.

In layman terms, everytime I localize, the mesh is downloaded from the server into the app. Therefore to skip the downloading step, we download and include it inside the app.

is this correct?

No, the mesh is there to be a reference that you can use for remote editing. But it is currently useless because ARDK 2 doesn’t actually tell you in any way which wayspot you have localized to or provide you with info like pose or universal 0,0,0. Alll you can do is tell that a localization has happened and then use the wayfairer API to guess at which one it is. This is how it works in the demo app, at least.

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Hi Peng,

The scans are either private or public. If you choose a private scan it will be located under Logbook or in your developer portal under My Meshes to use for testing.

As for public scans you will have the option to add to a VPS Wayspot. The downloading process will take place automatically.

For more information watch Scanning for VPS: Getting Started with Lightship video, and read the Downloading Meshes documentation.