Black screen iOS example project

  • Issue category: AR(kit?)
  • Device type & OS version: iOS15.6.1, iPhone 12 PRO
  • Host machine & OS version: Intel Macbook pro
  • Issue Environment : On Device
  • Xcode version:13.4.1
  • ARDK version:2.1.0
  • Unity version: 2021.3.7 with URP!

Description of the issue:
I have made a bunch of ARDK apps before. But now I’m trying the networking with ARDK 2.1.0 and get the infamous black camera issue when trying the ARNetworking example scene.
Everything works fine otherwise, even networking. What am I missing?
PLISt text is set, app even asks for camera permissions when starting.
Seems to be some rendering issue. URP can be the problem, but I don´t see what I am forgetting…

In the XCode log it says some weird things, not sure if relevant:
Setting UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance to NO is no longer supported.

Apple actively discourages that, and all application-wide methods of changing status bar appearance are deprecated

→ applicationDidBecomeActive()

[Subsystems] Discovering subsystems at path /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/9F416088-7F0B-4360-9030-231F968D1E06/

[Subsystems] No descriptors matched for examples in UnitySubsystems/UnityARKit/UnitySubsystemsManifest.json.

[Subsystems] 1 ‘inputs’ descriptors matched in UnitySubsystems/UnityARKit/UnitySubsystemsManifest.json

[Subsystems] No descriptors matched for displays in UnitySubsystems/UnityARKit/UnitySubsystemsManifest.json.

[Subsystems] 1 ‘meshings’ descriptors matched in UnitySubsystems/UnityARKit/UnitySubsystemsManifest.json

GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1; jobified=1

Initializing Metal device caps: Apple A14 GPU

Initialize engine version: 2021.3.7f1 (24e8595d6d43)

XRGeneral Settings awakening…


URP settings are also according to the documentation:

  1. Update Unity since this is a new project. This version is very old already.
  2. I saw in the logs XR manager. Do you use it? ARDK does not need the XR plugin manager. In the package manager uninstall it and uninstall arcore/arkit/arfoundation/xr management if they are there. Ardk has this in the package

Hello Jelmer,

We were unable to reproduce the issue you are observing. The black screen issue was a known issue earlier and has been resolved with the recent release of ARDK.

Generally, staying up to date with the most recent version, and on the supported version of Unity will provide the best results.
Can you update to the latest version here: Sign in – Niantic Lightship.
Also please refer to this link to help with the black screen issue.

Let me know if that works.

Still facing this issue, also with a new project:
I started a new Unity2021.3.9 URP project, added the ARDK2.2, changed the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings to use the ArdkUrpAsset, added Camera useage description.
But still there is only a black screen, and the cube (the camera is tracked in AR, so the whole AR system is working, just no background video)

To me it seems that ARDK + URP is broken. Any insights what I might be missing?

result on iphone 12 pro, iOS16:

Hello Jelmer,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots.
Can you please try using the following steps?

  1. Create a new Unity project using the 3D (URP) template.
  2. Import the latest ARDK version with ARDK examples. unitypackage into your project.
  3. Add your API key to the ArdkAuthConfig asset.
  4. In Build Settings, switch the platform to iOS.
  5. Open Player Settings and add a Camera Usage Description and Location Usage Description.
  6. Go to Project Settings > Graphics and change the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings to ArdkUrpAsset (Universal Render Pipeline Asset).
  7. Go to Project Settings > Quality.
  8. Select Performant, and then change the Render Pipeline Asset to ArdkUrpAsset (Universal Render Pipeline Asset).
  9. Repeat the previous step for the Balanced and High Fidelity quality settings.
  10. In Build Settings, remove any Scenes In Build that are present, then add the PlaneAnchors scene to the Scenes In Build.
  11. Build the app and deploy it to your device, and then launch and test it.

I hope this helps.

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