How to scan and localize buildings using VPS?

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I am trying to make an app in which users can scan properties (buildings) in order to purchase them in game (monopoly style). But so far I have been unable to localize any building when trying to scan it from the front. Is it currently possible to do this with VPS or is it limited to small 3d objects?

Hi. There are several different things you are describing here, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to do.

  • If you want to scan a building in order to localize yourself to the location (using VPS), then scanning the front face of it will work. Just make sure you scan distinct features of the building’s face and not just white walls and such.

  • If you want to scan an entire building in order to use it as a model in your app, then I guess it’s a bit difficult to do so - you only have 5 consecutive scans of up to 1 min each while walking around the building (if possible). But it would be tough to scan the entire building (e.g. the top of it) from a street view perpective.


My problem is the 1st of the two points you described. I use the way farer app to scan the front face of buildings and/or walls but most of the time when I try to localize it with VPS later (after it is processed on the dashboard), localization fails. Here is an image of a 3d mesh I tried it on:-

It’s a wall along with a gate. It has a unique design too.

Does it localize when you click the TEST VPS button in the Wayfarer app? If yes, then your scan is just fine and you should be checking your app’s implementation.

Ah, I’ll check it with the wayfarer app and see. Thanks for your help!

Hello @Muhammad_Usman@Manos_Tsotros is correct in that you’ll want to establish one section of the building to scan for initial localization of your experience, and this section should have distinct features to ensure ease of localization.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you select the best private scan to keep for a given private scan location and remove the others in order to be sure which scan you are localizing against. Please note that this advice is only for private scan locations as public wayspots can support multiple, aligned scanned meshes for a more robust localization experience.

hi @Manos_Tsotros,
I have the problem you described in the second point. I want to scan an entire building, can I make it? If I make multiple scan, can I merge them to make only one scan to use in my app?

@Manos_Tsotros Could you please advise on some articles/video links to activate VPS/Wayspot anchors that can guide us to scan bigger objects such as buildings-not just the front face but in entirety to bring it into my experience ? I see that you feel its a bit difficult on the Wayfarer app to do so given the time constraint as well as the capability of phones, so I was wondering if there is a way we could blend/enhance a 3D mesh generated from a professional lidar/photogrammetry scan and localize it (into a specific location/coordinates) as a wayspot anchor? Basically my idea is to import an external 3D scan into a somewhat crude scan of a building from the Wayfarer app. Hope my query makes sense.