VPS Activation of the whole street

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Hello, I’m trying to scan streets in my city (I have legal permission), to make an app like “city museum”. So it should work this way - the user downloads the app and in developer selected streets he just scans streets for VPS localization and on the walls of the building should appear different texts about this location. Now I can see how can I make it on one building at time, but is there any way to VPS localize the whole street, so all texts can appear at the same time, so the user scans the whole street instead of buildings one by one?
Also, should these locations be private or public? If public it will be very time-consuming to scan streets ten times each.

Hello Pavle,

In general, you should be within approximately 10 meters of a wayspot for best tracking and localization. You could have multiple wayspots along the street to attach content to, but one wayspot would not be able to cover such a large area (and wayspots require some kind of focal point, so scanning just a ‘street’ would not work well for VPS). If working with multiple wayspots, Continuous Localization may be helpful, but these wayspots would need to be public if you’re using them for a published app; private scans are meant to be used for testing and development purposes.

That being said, if you don’t need the localization aspect, you could also look into 8th Wall’s Image Targets or Lightship’s Tracked Images for your use-case. While this method also wouldn’t make all the texts on the entire street appear at the same time, it would bypass the need to create VPS-activated wayspots for your experience and therefore be a less time-consuming process.

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