Is it possible to share a mesh in multiplayer AR

ARDK 1.0.1
Unity 2020.3.11

Hello, I’ve been following the tutorials for making multiplayer AR - as the title says - is it supported within the libraries to share the Host’s mesh - so the players can play on that instead of just on Planes?

Hi Ross, as of now we do not have a “share mesh” function in place. You may have to have each player create their mesh in their local environment for that to work. Since mesh sharing has a huge impact on performance, the optimization is not in the works yet.

Thanks Kevin, I think that might be ok. I’ve just been fiddling around with meshing. It works perfectly in any standalone scene but in the scene where I’m using the ARNetworkingSceneManager prefab - it seems to only mesh about two or three meters away from the camera - all the close objects don’t get meshed - as you can see in the image.
It shows the same behaviour if I add an ARMeshManager to the PongHLAPI demo - can you explain what’s going on? Thanks.

Since your question is a different topic than the original question, would you kindly create a new post for it?