Meshing not including close objects when using the ARNetworkingSceneManager prefab

ARDK 1.0.1
Unity 2020.3.1
iPhone 11
Xcode 13.2 beta

Hello, the meshing is working perfectly in any standalone scene - but when I use the ARNetworkingSceneManager prefab - it seems to only mesh about two or three meters away from the camera - all the close objects don’t get meshed - as you can see in the image.
It shows the same behaviour if I add an ARMeshManager to the PongHLAPI demo.
Any idea why that might be? Thanks.

Aha! I’ve found what was causing this. I had created my own GameObject with the ARMeshManger on it (rather than using the ARMesh prafab) - I hadn’t noticed that the y scale of that object needs to be set to minus one. Perhaps an error message for this or something would be handy. Thanks.

Awesome Ross, thanks for sharing! Happy that you were able to resolve your issue.