Issues in Scanning Objects in the Wayfarer App

Issue category: Scanning Framework
Device type & OS version: Google Pixel 4 & iPhone 13 Pro-Max
Host machine & OS version: Mac
Issue Environment : On Device

Bug reproduction steps:

(1) I am having an issue with the Niantic Wayfarer app, in particular my scans are not being assigned to the selected wayspots after processing (when clicking upload now). When my scans are then stored in the logbook, the amount of scans fluctuate, leaving me with missing scans that sometimes reappear and sometimes do not.

(2) I am experiencing problems with my added wayspot, Graves Statue, where in the app I received an error saying that my wayspot wasn’t created but in reality it was, resulting in duplicates. I BELIEVE that once I then upload the scans to the wayspot it is spreading them out between the three duplicates.

(3) In Regards to the Graves Statue Scan, I am seeing that it has the 5/5 scans required and they are spaced out more than 5 hours however are still not eligible for VPS activation.

Thanks for the help!

Hello Michael,

Thank you for reaching out!

Could you please let us know the location of your Graves Statue wayspot(and others if needed) so that we may look into them? Also, could you please give us your developer ID/email associated with your account (or workspace name if 8th Wall)? Please feel free to email us this information at if you’d like to keep it off the public forum.

Regarding the issue outlined in your first point, do you notice it occurring when you choose ‘Upload Later’ as well?

I have passed along this information to the team, but these added details will help us investigate further. Thank you!

Hey Stacy,

My Graves Statue way spot is located at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. My developer ID is

Yes, it sends the scans to the logbook when I chose either of the two options. Sorry for the late reply!


I am still experiencing similar issues with newly added wayspots this time with the Alpha-Phi-Alpha statue where my amount of scans and time difference between the scans should allow for it to be activated but the option is not showing. The wayspot is located near the Graves Statue, which has now been activated.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the update!

First-time activations should require 10 viable scans throughout various times of day; subsequent re-activations then require only 5. While the team investigates this discrepancy with the Wayfarer app, could you please try adding at least 3 more scans and see if you’re able to request activation?
Are you also experiencing the issues of fluctuating scan amounts, duplicate locations, etc. that you did with your Graves Statue wayspot?

Could you also please let me know what version of the Wayfarer app you’re using? And are these issues occurring on both your Pixel and iPhone?

Hey Stacey,

That is very helpful information, thank you! I will attempt to add in the extra scans today. I am using the version of the app on my Pixel. I have not interacted much with the ios version of the app since switching over. I have not experienced the duplicate location issue with any new wayspots, however I am still experiencing a failure to upload and scans returning to my logbook.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the information!

If it shows as Failed in the Wayfarer app, could you please select it in your Logbook and check the details to ensure that the Location is properly filled out with coordinates? If it shows 0, then that means there was no GPS data (which would cause an upload failure). Could you please check that you have location services enabled and that GPS data was properly recorded?

Please feel free to also let us know if you’re able to activate the Alpha-Phi-Alpha statue after adding some more scans or if you’re still experiencing issues with uploading/activating.