Scans disappear from logbook

  • Issue category: VPS
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • Issue Environment : On Device / Dev Portal

Description of the issue:
Hi All,
Apologies in advance for this and any future Q’s that will probably be obvious to all. I’m trying to teach myself how to develop an AR concept. I’ve completed the basic setup and got the ball game working on my Android phone. But when I try to do a private scan to start testing VPS out it disappears from the Logbook after uploading. I’ve kept them 20-60secs. Any thoughts?

Hi Ric,

May I know what you mean by the logbook? Can you send in screenshots? Also, are you getting any error messages along with your scans?

That probably means they uploaded successfully. I have the same

The tab where the done scans are. If you switch tabs the completed ones dissapear

Hey Ric,

As Dylan pointed out, the scans do disappear once they’re processed. Sorry for any confusion, I had forgotten about the Logbook tab, no need to elaborate on that.

Are the scans not appearing in the geospatial browser?

Sorry for slow response and thanks for your advice as I learn. I have found a couple of the scans in the geospatial browser so all good. I was confused with it going from the logbook, thinking I’d done something wrong, and was looking around the dashboard for it to come into my account.

Would be great if they could stay there untill you close the app. That way you can see the ‘confirmed’ message if you are browsing the maps while uploading