Shared VPS error code 500

Hey Lightship forum,

I’m trying to test a shared VPS project on a private wayspot and one moment it works while the other i’m getting a 500 error code saying: “Could not get or create a room for the wayspot 500”

Could this be a network outage or would this be on my side? What i’m trying to figure out is how stable the feature is since we want to use it on an event location and are still deciding between image/vps localization.

Trying different wayspots or switching between api keys doesn’t work, neither does restarting the editor or rebuilding to device. It seems there’s some connection issue that i can’t track down.

Anyone have experience with this issue? thanks in advance!

Hi Merijn,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll look into this on my end. May I also know what version of ARDK you’re running?

Are you also able to provide the time you noticed this happen as well as the time zone you’re in?

Hi @Jesus_Hernandez ,

Thanks for the quick response!
I’m in the EST time zone and it started around 17:00 but it’s currently still the same situation (at 20:30)

What i’m running is the samples project of ARDK 3.0 (beta release 4)

To give some more context into what i’m trying to achieve: the main thing i’d like to understand is whether the feature is stable enough for a release project. In our case we’re working to set up a private VPS spots on tech conferences where players will be doing some multiplayer minigames on the show floor together. If the server are down from time to time i’d go with setting up my own relay server and NGO instance alongside the VPS tracking to keep it more simple in this case.

Unless the problem is on my end of course, but i just started up the sample project again with no changes and it’s running properly again. This would normally be good news but i don’t know why it was down and if i’m able to depend on it.

Still love the new changes to ARDK don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

Hello Merijn,

Thank you for providing the details on the experience you are building. I have sent you an email copying our Product Manager to help with your specific use case for sharedAR.

Please reach out if you need any further assistance.

Thank you,