Using alternative scan data

I run a technology company using 3D scans for commercial real estate operations.

I was wondering if I could use 3D scan data from my existing Matterport models to create indoor AR experiences. These would be much higher accuracy than using a phone and could be a game changer for the AEC space, especially since we already have thousands of scans already that we could utilize immediately.

Curious if this is something you’re interested in.

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Hey Connor! This sounds really interesting, I’ve heard of other devs using photogrammetry, and other scan data combined with VPS LIDAR scans for some interesting projects. Sounds like you want to use your own Matterport scans, bring em into Unity, then use some different Lightship features for your indoor AR experiences focusing on AEC type use cases :star_struck:

It’s definitely something I’m interested in and would love to learn more. Can you email me and let’s set up a time to chat. I’m on our Developer Relations team and always on the look out for talented teams doing interesting work with Lightship

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Thanks Joe for the details. Connor let us know if you have any trouble reaching Joe.

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@Joe_Gabriel and @Lightship_team

I just sent Joe an email. You hit the nail on the head in terms of the intended workflow and application space.


I have not received a response from my initial inquiry. Please let me know if the email was received, or if I should resend to a different address.