VPS Scanning Questions

I am running into a continuous issue in scanning statues, where the faces of the statues are extremely hard to get a good mesh of. I have found this to be consistent through many scans I found on the Geospatial Browser. Has anyone found a solution to getting high quality scans of faces.

Another point of concern of mine is the height of certain statues. I am aware that the larger the statue the more scnas it will take to get a good consistent mesh, however I was wondering if anyone found good scanning techniques that aided in the process?

Thank you,

Also there is a wayspot at Morehouse College, named William Edward Burghhart Du Bois Ph.D. The status has had a pending vps activation status for a couple of weeks now. When or Will it be activated?

Hi Michael,

Can you provide us with a link to the Wayspot in question so that we can look into this?