Wayfarer App Access Restriction

One of last Wayfarer App updates added possibility to “edit wayspot” everywhere, no matter how far we are. This is a very big mistake that everyone can do it and it affects Niantic games.
It was already used by polish player (66FBI-PGO, XeZaR66 - ING) to edit 2 wayspots and moved to incorrect location just to literally change them from gyms to pokestops. I know it’s him because he write to me about that.

I believe that to be able to use this application, you needed the same access requirements as for the wayfarer website.
Until then, I propose to block the possibility of nominating, editing and reporting wayspots.

Hi Marcin, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll file a request with our engineers to see what they can do to address the malicious use of this tool

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Hi Marcin,

Like mentioned in the other ticket that you reported. Thank you so much for writing in with your feedback and concerns. We will be sure to send this over to the Wayfarer Team who have been monitoring all of the nominations and edits made via the Wayfarer App beta. If you’d like to report any abuse, you can do so via Wayfarer Support.


Hi can you do anything with user 66FBI, his malicious actions didn’t stop.