Alignment Targets

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Description of the issue:

Android Unity APK created.

We have a concept of using alignment targets to optimize and create a unique location.
The use case is to visit a green on a golf course and be able to localize and show different experiences.

We have sporatic results. Some tests work but the actual use case fails.
Are our expectations not inline?

Here are more details.

Basic scenario is that at each green an alignment target is accessible.

We keep getting localization fails.

We have tested this indoors with an alignment target on carpet and it works?

Any suggestions?



Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing in! VPS is using a mix of geolocation and information from your phone’s camera in order to localize. Because of this, localization is likely to fail if there are changes in the environment. For example the leaves on the ground in your picture could cause localization to fail if the private scan you’re localizing to is a small area that had no leaves. It also might be hard to consistently localize if you’re trying at different times of day with varying lighting conditions. Private scans only have one point of visual reference so consistency in the environment is important. Check out the ‘Best Practices for Private Scans’ section of our Lightship VPS documentation for more information.

Hi Steve,

Just checking in. If you were you able to give some of those best practices a try did that help to provide more reliable results?