Developing IOS from a Windows PC


I was wondering if anyone had a good workaround to build iOS Lightship apps from a Windows PC. It’s all completed I just need a way to build.


Hi, Michael, ARDK’s native plugins are built for iOS, Android, and MacOS, and will not load on Windows machines. While developing on Windows, there may be DllNotFoundExceptions in the Unity console due to attempted native calls. These will not block building or development, but native networking in the Unity Editor will not work. Also, the Remote Debugging application will run at a degraded frame rate due to not compressing ARFrames while connected to a Windows machine. Check out this link for more information

Your best solution for building and publishing IOS apps on a windows machine is something like Unity Cloud Build: Cloud Build

I am just following the unity for iOS guide by copying the project onto a USB that has been formatted for use between Windows and Mac and the moving the USB drive to my macbook and copy/pasting the project a local drive and then opening the iOS project that was build in Unity with Xcode.
Then build it and run it on an attached iPhone.

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