Pokemon Go scans not showing up in Niantic Wayfarer

Issue category: VPS

Device type & OS version: iOS (iPhone 14Pro iOS 16.6.1

Exact same bug is on an Android phone.

How do you get scans from Pokemon Go to show up in Niantic Wayfarer so they can be VPS-Activated? Ingress scans do show up, but I didn’t notice Pokemon Go ones don’t until I had already done a bunch of scans.

Old Pokemon Go scans did show up, so of course new ones also should.

Hello Jessie,

We cannot guarantee that scans made in Pokemon Go or Ingress will appear in the Wayfarer app. Because of this, to get your wayspot VPS-activated, we recommend following the process outlined here in our documentation by using the Wayfarer app to submit your scans. Please be sure to follow the proper Scanning Technique in the Wayfarer app to ensure you create the highest quality scans possible for the most robust wayspots.