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Greetings! I am developing a personal project independently and in search of the technical tools to achieve it I came across your proposal and I really fell in love with your initiative. I totally agree with your company’s values and fervently agree that well-implemented technology can help humanity develop its capacities for empathy. I will briefly explain the project I am developing and I hope you can help me achieve it.

I want to make a multiplayer game to carry out a play. The goal is that I as an administrator can interact with a 3D avatar and where viewers can see the same 3D avatar in real time. I want the interaction to be verbal and for the avatar to have predetermined responses that I can select through a graphical environment on my device. I would like the avatar to be able to recognize the players present and be able to look at them while interacting with me. I know that it is ambitious and that I may not be able to achieve it, but if you could organize an action plan for me so that I understand what steps I must follow to achieve it I would be very grateful. I am currently rehearsing the play with an app in which I associated the avatar with an image target but I would like to achieve greater realism in the staging.

Today I am learning to use its tools thanks to the YouTube channel But I am sure that if you help me organize the processes I must carry out, I will be able to overcome my limitations with a lower level of frustration along the way. Thanks a lot!

Hi Cristian,

Welcome to Lightship! We’re glad to have you! Believe it or not, your idea is not too ambitious and is something you can certainly achieve in a short timeframe – depending on how much detail you’re going for. For a multiplayer experience like this where you’re the administrator, I would recommend having your device as the “host” of the shared AR session (More information about Shared AR: In your Shared AR session, your clients – the audience of your play, could create invisible 3D objects at their location; that way you can do calculations within Unity to turn a virtual avatar to face them. In addition, you could use meshing to “show” Lightship where the stage of your play is and use your device’s location to spawn virtual actors (shared network objects) where you’re standing. The meshing generated stage could be used to allow the “actors” to walk around without clipping through the environment or “falling off stage.” After you’ve set the stage, you could begin the play and have the actors go through animations and read voice lines. That could be as simple as hitting a play button on your host device and broadcasting the current state of the play to your clients.

Before beginning with your personal project development, please take the time to run through our SharedAR sample and study the architecture of the app. Don’t hesitate to reach out for additional clarification or support!

I wish you the best of luck in the development of your project!

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

Hello Maverick! How nice your response. Thank you very much for taking your time. I am currently developing a shared room where the Avatar I am working with is present. In this instance the idea is that it can generate a room and that the viewers know the technology and can begin to generate the idea of a virtual room. I am using the tutorial videos created on the Unity Adventure channel, which is from an active member of their Spanish-speaking community. I hope I can resolve the configuration problems I am having. Since I am not familiar with the Unity editor. Thank you very much in advance and I hope to learn, ask more specific questions and continue growing together!

Cristian Salgueiro

Sorry Maverick, could you help me?

You could tell me how to generate a shared room in which a Mixano animation can be seen. I just want different users to be able to see the same 3D avatar that dances to the rhythm of music. Thanks a lot!!

No worries, @cristian_salgueiro! To better assist you and allow other users to reference it, please create a new thread with the questions you would like addressed and I will help you there.